Earn Passive Income
helium miner

Plug the Hotspot to a power source, connect to Wi-Fi or ethernet and start to earn monthly money or HNT token rewards. Every month the rewards for hosting the miner are calculated and then shared 50%50 between the host (yourself) and Media Carriage.  The Rewards are paid out monthly in money or in HNT Token. 

This is a great way for a Darlington based
businesses an with internet connection to gain some extra income  and help build the Helium peoples network.

We will provide and install the equipment and online maintenance of the device throughout out the course of its placement at your property.

We are looking for a few Local established businesses with more than one location in the town.

Preferably there will be an internet connection at the property. If not a sim card option is available.

Installation setup
technician hemium

On the day of installation you will be visited by a media carriage technician at your property. This will be to install and program the hotspot miner to sync up with the correct software. This will enable us to run diagnostics and check ups remotely thus ensuring we spend as little time as possible at your property. 

It would be great if you could have a place ready for the technician. Preferably the place will be in the highest accessible point of the property. Also the hotspot needs to be as close to the antenna as possible.

Hosting a Helium Hotspot miner will use very little internet data and power. The system runs on radio signals that provide coverage to other hotspots in the area.

All this will be explained by the technician. Its a very simple setup which needs minimum maintenance.


What is helium
helium network darlington

The People’s Network

The network will connect devices and collect data in ways never before possible. It will be at a fraction the cost of a cellular network without needing to deploy or maintain wireless infrastructure.

People around the world are now able to provide wireless coverage to their cities and towns. In doing so this helps businesses and individuals connect all of their new devices to the Internet of Things (IoT).


When you host a Hotspot you’re helping connect devices to the fastest expanding wireless network in the world and the first peer-to-peer network of its kind. For doing so you will be paid monthly in HNT token, which can be kept as an investment or can be transferred into  British Pounds. Google was one of the first investors into the helium network. 

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“Helping Create
The Peoples network"

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